F Savings With Sadie: 12 Grocery Shopping Tips


12 Grocery Shopping Tips

Click here for 12 Grocery Shopping Tips from Tip Hero.  Although this article was written months ago, there are some great tips for reducing costs.


  1. You save more than gas money when you cut your grocery shopping trips to once a week. Every trip to the store invites more spending on items you don’t really need. Keeping a list and a well-stocked pantry cuts down on supermarket excursions. - essays

  2. That's very true but I am fortunate that I live only one mile from my grocer and can take advantage of some of the BOGO's matched with coupons through the sale week. I agree too, always, always take a list. I do not use coupons randomly - walking every isle. Since I match the coupon to the sale that week, I only take the Q's I need for that particular shopping trip which makes for a quick trip in and out in 20 minutes and no chance of buying unnecessary items. As my husband always says... Plan Your Shop and Shop Your Plan. Thanks for the comment.