F Savings With Sadie: Coupon Policy - Publix - Brunswick, GA


Coupon Policy - Publix - Brunswick, GA

Updated March 3, 2009: Publix is in the process of creating a corporate coupon policy. In most cases, policy varies by store and is up to the General Manager. I have typed up what I have been able to find out from our local store and from experience. Valdosta policy is different from Brunswick and Jacksonville Publix varies on their policy as well. Basically, he said Publix will do whatever it takes to make the customer happy -- within reason.

  • Doubles coupons up to .50.
  • Does take competitor coupons from "traditional" grocery stores like Food Lion, Winn Dixie, Harveys, etc. They will take the $10 register receipt from Winn Dixie or other grocery store.
  • Does not take Target coupons – Target is not considered a "traditional" grocery store.
  • Does not take drug store coupons.
  • You can use 2 coupons on a BOGO (which is good).
  • You do not have to buy both items on a BOGO if you don’t want second item – you will get one at half the price.
  • Stacking coupons is allowed (in-store and mfgQ also competitor and mfgQ).
  • Accepts internet coupons.
  • They also accept coupons for free item if the value is under $5.00. Supervisor may override if over $5. You can always ask.
  • Will take up to 50 coupons. (If you have more – cashier may get supervisor to over-ride. I have also been told they do not have a limit so this could vary.
  • Does not double in-store (Publix) coupons.
  • Does not take a mgfQ or competitor coupon on a store brand.
  • Regarding expired in-store (Publix) coupons. I asked the manager if they took expired in-store coupons and he said it is "situational."
  • Most Publix stores do not double. The reason Publix (Brunswick) doubles is because Harris Teeter doubles.

Manager said corporate office is also working on Return Policy. He said they get all kinds of returns. Today, he had someone push in a cart of Depends without a receipt. They did not take the return. He said the man had probably $300 worth of Depends. Wonder where he got those from?

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