F Savings With Sadie: Coupon Policy - Publix - Valdosta, GA


Coupon Policy - Publix - Valdosta, GA

  • They do not double.
  • They do take competitor coupons from other grocery stores like Food Lion, Winn Dixie, Harveys, etc. They will take the $10 register receipt from Winn Dixie or other grocery store.
  • You can use 2 coupons on a BOGO (which is good) But know that you do not have to buy both items if you don’t want it – you will get one at half the price and use the coupon on it.
  • They allow stacking coupons (in-store and mfg.).
  • They accept internet coupons.
  • They also accept coupons for free item if the value is under $5.00 (like that Glucerna cereal).

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