F Savings With Sadie: Salvage Grocery Stores


Salvage Grocery Stores

Friends in Jacksonville have found a salvage store which inspired me to check out other salvage grocery stores around the country -- so we could all take part in the savings game. They are just having too much fun getting all the deals.

I searched the internet for salvage grocery stores and found a nice website on Anderson's Country Market. They have a very charming website and as you wade through it and read about the couple, you feel like you have stepped back 50 years to a good old mom-and-pop grocery store.

Anderson's, (like many other salvage grocery stores) prices are lower because Anderson’s Country Market sells products that large retailers get rid of. That does not mean that the product is old or out of date. "It could be that the package labeling is changing and the manufacturer wants it off the shelves, or a can may be dented in a palette and they get rid of the entire palette. Anderson's is able to purchase it for pennies on the dollar and they pass the savings on to their customers."

Anderson's, like many so many other salvage grocery stores, sell specialty items as well as organic. While Anderson's may not be in your area, click here for a directory posted on their site of other salvage grocery stores around the country that are similar to theirs. I can't believe how many salvage grocery stores are out there.

Dell called the other day and gave me a report on her visit to C & B Salvage in Jacksonville, Florida. She was excited about the deals she purchased. She said it is a great place to purchase specialty items deeply discounted. She purchased olive oil for $1 a bottle and Salmon (the one we all use with cream cheese, capers, etc.) for $3 and no, it was not expired. They also carry the Tree of Life brand which is high end organic. C & B has other products besides grocery items.

Dell said you might not want to venture out there by yourself the first time because I believe it is in an industrial section -- don't expect fancy. Dell feels perfectly comfortable going there alone now. For those that live in the Jacksonville area the address is...

C and B Salvage
Manager: John Bailey
811 West University Blvd., Unit 13
Jacksonville, FL 32217
(904) 725-3477


Monday - Friday - 9:00 AM -- 5:00 PM

Wednesday: Close at 2:00 PM.

Saturday open until noon

Off First Friday of Month for Auction

I hope to make a trip to Jax and visit C & B Salvage soon and will give you an update. If you are driving a great distance, I would call before I go to make sure they are open.

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