F Savings With Sadie: Soon To Be Empty Nester! Spring 2009


Soon To Be Empty Nester! Spring 2009

Over the past couple of months, there has been a buzz of excitement in our household with prom, Senior Week, and graduation. The next couple of months should be equally busy as our daughter prepares for and settles in to college life.

I can't even begin to imagine what it will be like packing her up and beginning the journey. She is already ordering items for her dorm and is excited about getting it organized. How will we ever get all of her "stuff" in her dorm room is beyond me.

I am not sure what the proper protocol is for leaving your child at college or even if there is one. When you only have one child, everything is a first and only. My husband will probably have to drag me kicking and screaming out of her dorm and bring in an auxiliary team to get me to the car. He probably even has a straight jacket and a secret plan to drop me off at a facility on the way home for the first few months.
Ahhhh, he is thinking, "quiet at last."

What is the best way to drop them off and say goodbye? Oh, I can feel the tears welling up in my eyes as I think about it. Granted, YES, I will be fine, but it is a rite of passage we must all go through. I am a project person and I always have to have something to do. Keeping busy will be my medicine of choice to get me through the first few months. Thank goodness for Savings With Sadie -- I will be able to devote more time to this site. I also have an arsenal of girl friends that are just waiting on the sidelines to catch me when I fall.

I truly dread the moment when we walk back into the house for the first time. So, instead of coming right home after the "drop off," we are planning an out of the way detour to visit a brother-in-law in Tennessee. Well, at least I am planning it and my husband at this point will probably do anything to keep me happy. It will be a good diversion for both of us. This should help ease the pain a little bit.

We have another issue in our home and that is "Princess Run Run" -- she is our daughter's shadow. She will not be handling this departure well at all. For spring break, our daughter went to the Andros Islands for field studies. As she was packing up, the dog spent the next three hours throwing up on just about every carpet in the house. She was sick with anxiety about our daughter leaving. Oh yes, I have already been to the vet and it is recommended that we start a "Prozac" type of medication for the princess" about ten days prior to our daughter's departure. Who knew they made a type of Prozac for dogs.

I will survive by keeping busy and making plans and anticipating visits from our daughter. I also think it is time my mother came and spent a few weeks with me -- wonder what she will think about that!

If you have any encouraging words or ideas regarding getting through the first few months, I am ready to hear how you coped. I also have tons of general questions...
  • Your child's favorite dorm room item?
  • Best items that help with organization in small spaces?
  • Do you need a fridge/microwave?
  • Do you know of any helpful websites?
  • Do schools typically provide bed and mattress?
  • Can you nail things on the wall? (you know we want to decorate)
  • If you can't put nails in the wall, what did you use to hang items?
Special Note: Oh Yes -- We will still be playing the savings game -- I am packing up all kinds of care packages on all the goodies I have gotten great deals on for my daughter to use at college. I am also teaching a few of her girl friends how to save money on their personal items and get them for FREE -- they are eager to learn.

Did I mention my husband and how he will be handling all of this? Oh, he says he will be fine. You know I will be looking to see if he sheds a tear.


  1. Lord Bless You is all I have to say. My first daughter went to UGA. We got her all situated and then it was time for us to leave. I still have post-traumatic symptoms. I still see her in the circle waving goodbye from Brumby. I cried from Athens to Atanta. My hubbie took me straight to the Ritz and that did help ease the pain. The question I asked myself and the answer that I gave still was the best advice I gave to me! The question is "What else would you rather her be doing with her life right now". The answer "nothing". She was doing exactly what I had hoped and planned and nutured all these years. Hope this helps a little . Congrats, job well done Mom and Dad.

  2. You are so sweet and so right. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I wonder if they are running any deals at the Ritz or taking any coupons. ha ha ha

  3. Hi Lisa...finally able to get onto your webpage! For GSU, I printed off a list that they had of items to bring and not to bring. As for posters, you have to either use poster putty or the sticky hangers that are removeable...that is what I got for Shelby...they don't leave a mark and can be repositioned...have them at Target...each dorm is different about the bed...Shelby is staying in an apartment style with 4 separate rooms and living room and full kitchen..her bed is a full bed..and they have a washer and dryer in their dorm room...so I had to buy detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, pots and pans, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, dish towels, ziplocs, few kitchen tools...she received towels, dishes, stainless, plasticware cups, plates, bowls, etc...her food plan is only M-F, 2 meals a day...I know they have a microwave in their kitchen and full size refrigerator and stove...not sure about dishwasher, so we bought dawn...man, forgot to get a dish drain...her room and living room are carpeted, so no need for rugs, but she shares a bathroom, so they said bring a shower curtain and curtain hangers...clothes hangers, too...and I bought a couple of the underbed storage boxes for her towels and sheets and 2 rolling 3 drawer storage bins for socks, underwear, bras, etc...just log onto prospective students and follow the prompts for UGA and I am sure somewhere there is a list of what they suggest you bring for the different dorms...when I was a UGA in Creswell, there was a community bathroom and we only had a built in desk, tiny closet,built in drawers and a pull out bed/couch. Times have changed...there are a lot of sheets and different things on sale at Target for dorm rooms right now...I bought 2 packs of sheets/2pillowcases(full size for $16 each)! They have the body pillows with a variety of covers and comforter sets...lots of $1 spoons and spatulas too! Course, the Dollar store has those type things too. It is going to be soooo quiet here Sunday night when I return...I think my sister and brother in law are going to stay a few days to make sure I will be okay...they are keeping the dogs while we take Shelby to GSU. She has already been emailing her roommates and they were picked for the same likes and dislikes as Shelby (each child had to fill out a survey), so I think she is going to make some great friends! I am excited for her, and this new chapter of her life, but I am going to miss her too. Talk to you soon! xoxoxTammy

  4. Thanks so much -- what a great post and loaded with info. I will go to Target and look for putty and body pillow too. All the girls love those. I did go in to Target the other day and asked about dorm items and when they would be in. The girl told me late July or August. I thought this was kind of late - most kids are already buying their items. I hope she was wrong. I am thinking about you.

  5. Oh yeah, one more thing. Shanna had some guy build something where the two twins beds were made into bunk beds so she and her roommate could fit more stuff into their dorm room. Just an idea. You will find lots of people in Athens wanting to sell you something... anything....
    A nice rug also makes it more homey.

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