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Coupon Sources

On my last trip to Harris Teeter I saved $105 in just one trip and stocked up on some great household items such as Reynolds Wrap, Cottonelle, Scott and many other name brand products that I use on a day to day basis.  It is easy to save several hundred dollars a month and for those that want to get started and learn how, I thought I would repost some of these tips -- below are just a few great coupon sources to get you started and here are past posts loaded with lots of info.

To start with, considering buying the Sunday newspaper. The Georgia Times Union and large newspapers are wonderful sources for coupons. If you are interested in purchasing the Georgia Times Union, click here.

Fliers vary by region/demographics. Many times, the same Smart Source coupon flier in Georgia may be slightly different from the flier in South Carolina. Smaller Paper = Fewer Coupons. Different demographics, different products.

Smart Source
Red Plum
Proctor and Gamble
Drug Store Fliers (allow stacking with a MFG Q)
Coupon Schedule 2010 will tell you which coupons will appear each Sunday. Average buying one paper per family member if you are stockpiling and striving for ultimate savings.  Check the schedule each week so you don't waste money buying a paper with there are no inserts.

Red Plum
Proctor and Gamble

Smart Source
Check out SWS home page for more links and great sites to follow.
- see the latest technology being tested on Unilever coupons
My favorite right now is Kraft's First Taste - this is a fun website that offers coupons as well as free product coupons to taste test their latest products.  Another favorite, I have written about in the past is Vocal Point.

For a great list of manufacturer websites check out Mommie Saves Big. Scroll down for a full list of manufacturer websites to sign up for great savings.

Some of my favorites (and there are hundreds) are:

Arm & Hammer
Blue Bunny Ice Cream
Lysol Coupons
Pillsbury Coupons
General Mills (Eat Better America)
and Mommie Saves Big has tons more.

Visit Savings With Sadie (SWS) “Healthy Living Sites" for organic coupons.

Your Green Helper and Affluent Pauper are great sites for organic products. And I bet you thought there were not any coupons for organic products, but there are tons.

Register at your grocers/drug stores website for special offers to on-line customers only. Harris Teeter has the E-Vic program and I have received many free products by being a member. I get a new offer each week. Sometimes free, sometimes a discount at the register and top that with a coupon and it is next to free.

  • Register with CVS, Walgreens, etc. They send out great coupon offers and allow stacking.
  • Target Print, Click, Save (allows stacking)
  • Cellfire is a coupon resource that allows you to link coupons to your grocery loyalty card at at participating grocers -- Kroger participates. Cellfire offers valuable savings on groceries, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. No clipping or printing. You can even download to your cell phone.
  • Have young children then sign up for Upromise for college savings and coupons. See a past post here.
  • Grocery store fliers. Pick them up on the way in the grocery store. Publix also offers several magazines to subscribe to free: Publix Family Style Magazine, Publix GreenWise Market Magazine, and Publix Upromise.
  • Register with Kroger . I just received the My Magazine home mailer with coupons.
  • Trade with family, friends and co-workers or ask people to save inserts.
Coupon Clippers: There are clipping services for those looking for ultimate savings.
If you have any additional sources, please post a comment to share with others.

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