F Savings With Sadie: The Palms Retro Hotel -- New and Affordable


The Palms Retro Hotel -- New and Affordable

Good friends of ours recently purchased and renovated the old Palms Inn at Atlantic Beach, now known as The Palms Retro. And retro it is -- each room has a theme -- step back in time to the "good ole days."

If you are visiting Jacksonville, Florida and want to be near the beach, stay some place out of the ordinary and not break the bank, you need to check out The Palms Retro. If you have family coming in town for a family get together, what better place to book all the rooms and make it exclusive for your family. They will all be fighting over which theme room they will occupy.

I can already imagine a girls weekend where we take a break, step back in time and take over the entire 10 room hotel. I can just picture us sitting in the courtyard sipping cosmos, listening to some classics. Right now, my favorite room is the Marilyn Monroe room but it is running neck and neck with the Rat Pack as I love Frank and Dean. No, maybe I will take the "Bad Boys" room and sleep with Steve McQueen and James Dean.

You will have to read the following article for all the details...

Again, this hotel is in a great location, very affordable, new and fun. Check it out!

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