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Cool Site of the Week

Check out coupontom.com if you need a quick search on coupons.  I am not sure what source the site is using but it does make for a quick check.  I enjoy finding and sharing new saving sites but don't forget to come back here to print your Q's to help support this site.

Savings With Sadie also has a coupon database compiled from the Georgia Times Union.  The database is located on the nav bar on the Grocery page. It is a new format and I am still tweaking it.  To search for a coupon:  Ctrl "F"ind and type in the a keyword and press enter.  You may continue to press enter and it will highlight related coupons.

You won't need this type of database in most instances if you are pulling grocery lists that have already been matched up, but a local database is handy and saves a lot of time if a coupon is in question for your area flyer.  The Georgia Times Union is a large paper and gets considerably more coupons than small town papers.

Special Note:  Sunday's coupons are not yet loaded since I am experiencing computer problems.  Hope to have this up in a few days.

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