F Savings With Sadie: Target's Printable Coupons and Saving More in 2010


Target's Printable Coupons and Saving More in 2010

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So many of us love Target and forget about their "in-store" coupons. Find great savings at Target when you print their coupons and stack them with manufacturer coupons. Once you start doing this, it will be hard to walk in their store without your Q's.

So, start your new year off with great savings and remember to check back often to see new coupons available - Target's Printable Grocery Coupons.

On past visits to Target, I printed my coupons at the wedding registry kiosk located in the Customer Service area. On my last visit, this option was no longer available. Click on the link above to print or you may now go to the grocery page on this site and find your permanent link in the bar. I may also find a place to put the link on the SWS home page as well.

There have also been quite a few toy coupons out their lately that provide great savings. Pay attention to the $5 and $10 gift card offers when buying certain items and the real savings starts when you use your MFG's on these items (if available) and get the gift card also.

Note: Don't forget about Target's online daily deals if you are shopping on line.

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