F Savings With Sadie: 3/1/09 - 4/1/09


Harris Teeter Triples Ends to Today

Harris Teeter triples ends tonight. Thank goodness! I don't think I could take another day of all the deals and shopping. It was fun and I saw so many of you in the store saving lots of hard earned money.

Today's total bill was $79.74 and I paid $25.24. I had a couple of big ticket items -- of the 25 items purchased, 13 of the items were free. Please email me your savings or post a comment.
Sorry I don't have time for a breakdown of items but now that triples are over, I can focus on packing for Italy.

News From Mom Central

Check out this survey!

In March 2009, Mom Central Consulting surveyed approximately 1200 moms from around the country about the impact of the recession on their families.

Click here to find out what they learned and how "Current Economic Recession Significantly Affects Moms" from Mom Central. Read the following...
  • "Moms are cutting back

  • Moms are teaching fiscal responsibility

  • Moms are stressed and anxious in these difficult economic times

  • How are they saving money and tightening budgets?

  • What are the top stressors for Moms?

  • How are Moms teaching their tweens/teens about fiscal responsibility?"

  • and more...

Delmonte Solutions

If you have not already joined Delmonte Solutions, click here to join now.

You can get up to $35 of savings in coupons and valuable partner offers including:
  • Save up to $15.00 when you purchase all five 10 Minute Solution™ DVDs. Each DVD contains five 10 minute super-effective workouts.
  • Get two FREE Issues of Cooking Light Magazine, plus a discounted subscription rate.
  • Expert nutritional advice and healthy lifestyle tips
  • Exclusive, easy-to-use recipes

I am mostly interested in the coupons, so if you opt out of the DVD's your value will not be $35.00.


CVS Deals - 3/29 - 4/4

Frugal in Virginia has done a nice job of match-ups over at CVS. Click here to check out a few deals she found.

She price matched this deal below and many more:

Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber Starting Kit- $2.99
Use $2.75/1 coupon here.
Final price: 24 cents

Harris Teeter Trip #3

Harris Teeter Deals

Yesterday, I made my third trip to Harris Teeter for triple coupon week and wanted to share my savings with you. My first two trips, I had great savings but with my computer crashing I was a little pre-occupied and unable to post.

The above picture reflects $65.99 retail. It sure does not look like $65 worth of items but we all know groceries have gone up along with everything else. I paid $19.10. I purchased a roasted chicken for $5.00* so that pushed my final total up. Many of the items were free or approximately $.50 or less. Posted below are just a few of the items in the picture and the price paid:

  • Honeycomb: .35
  • Colgate: .25
  • French's Yellow Mustard: Free
  • French's Spicy Brown: Free
  • French's Fried Onions: .50
  • Febreze Spray: .50
  • Purex Fabric Softner: $1.34
  • Barilla Mini Pasta: Free
  • Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables: 2 Bags Free
  • Simply Asia: Retails $3.99 - Sale $2.99- Used .50 coupon - Final $1.50
  • Marie Callender's New Al Dente Pasta Dishes: $4.39 each - Used .75 coupon - Final $2.14

Don't forget to check the bottom of your Harris Teeter ticket for further savings. My ticket says $1.50 off Harris Teeter Frozen Waffles 10 ct. or larger. It sells for $1.47 - so it should be free. Other items listed are $1.50 off HT Frozen Fries, $1.50 HT Naturals Cereal, and $1.50 of HT brand cookies. I have found that everyone may not get the same e-vic offers on their ticket. Check to see if you have any offers on your ticket!

*Note on Harris Teeter Roasted Chicken
Roasted chickens at HT normally sell for $7.99 during the week. On Sunday's, you can purchase the chicken for $4.99. In either case, if the chicken has been out for four hours they put a $3 off sticker on the chicken. Roasted Chicken for $1.99 is a great deal and I have purchased many. I noticed today, they were only putting $1.00 off stickers on the chicken. If anyone else noticed, please comment.

Free Family Fun or Cookie Magazine

Get your FREE one year subscription here to Family Fun or Cookie Magazine.

Create a registry (not a wish list, but a registry). Then add something to your registry (not your cart). Once you do this, a box will pop up offering you the FREE 1-year subscription. You can pick between either Family Fun or Cookie. You click through and it will state that your subscription will start within 4-8 weeks!

I have not signed up for this magazine so I don't know about the form but wanted to share the offer. However, here is one comment from someone who was successful at signing up with no problems:

"Worked great! Created registry, added 1 item and the pop up appeared! I choose family fun! can't wait to get it!"

If you are successful or have problems, leave a comment so others will be informed. Thanks.

What's In My Mailbox!

Take a look at the goodies that were in my mailbox on Saturday.

Check for $3.99 - Windex Rebate

Check for $3.79 - Hillshire Farm Rebate

Coupon for FREE Kashi Frozen Entree - value $4.39 - $4.79 (depends on grocer)

Not only did I get a full rebate back on the Windex - the bottle I purchased was FREE since I bought it on sale and had a coupon -- free product and a check. Value = $7.98. The Hillshire product was also on sale and I had a coupon. I believe I purchased it for about $1.75.

A couple of days ago, another Martha Stewart Living came in the mail. I noticed in the grocery store today that is sells for $4.99 an issue. If you signed up for the FREE 12 month subscription - this is a $60 value. If you missed the offer, I will be on the look out for another and make a post once available.

Click here and scroll down for other magazine offers you may have missed. If the offer has expired, sometimes you will be given an alternative magazine.

Freebie Samples

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Click here to get a FREE sample of Metamucil from Walmart.

Click here to sign up to receive a FREE sample of McGraw Cologne.


Sunday Paper

Reminder: Look for your Smart Source and Red Plum in Sunday's Paper.


Coupon Highlights and Samples

Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal

Click here and save at least 75 cents on any flavor of Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning

Click here and save $3.75 on any Dove SkinVitalizer

Click here and save $1 on any Cinnabon bread loaf

Click here and save $1 on any Bridgford Parkerhouse Style Rolls


Land O Lakes

Bob Evans

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Attune Probiotic Bar

Rita, this one is for you.

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Twitter: We are all following each other but where are we going?

I commented on Twitter in a previous post and joined. I am following people, they are following me but I have been trying to figure out... Where are we going?

I decided I needed to take the time to read the Getting Started section of Twitter. It is my nature to skip over instructions and just jump right in, but in this case, I think I am going to need some help. Several of you have asked me about Twitter so maybe this will answer some of your questions. Below is a brief explanation from the Twitter Support section.

What is it?

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages. People write short updates, often called "tweets" of 140 characters or fewer. These messages are posted to your profile or your blog, sent to your followers, and are searchable on Twitter search.

What do people tweet about?

Everything! From the most mundane (going to sleep) to the most personal, (having a baby) people say it all on Twitter. You don't have to say exactly what you're doing, you can say whatever you want. Share random thoughts, post a link, say what you're listening to or what you dreamt about. You can post something as simple as "Eating a sandwich."

But why would people do that?

Eating a sandwich becomes a lot more interesting in the context of Twitter. On a personal note, keeping up with friends or family on Twitter helps to fill in gaps and stop missing details about the lives of those you care about. So much is lost when "catching up" but Twitter can help you share important or interesting daily details you might otherwise forget.

Friends keeping in touch aren't the only ones posting updates to Twitter. Companies, news agencies, celebrities, and even the future President have information to share too! They use Twitter for fun, but also to give people important information and find out what's going on with them. Twitter is a way for companies, celebrities and other organizations to communicate with people.

Twitter is receiving and sending millions of different kinds of status updates from all over the world in real time. Suddenly what you're doing is also part of what everyone is doing, right at this very moment. For this reason, news breaks first on Twitter. When there is an earthquake, or a tragic event like the recent shooting in Mumbai, Twitter is the first to know because people who are there are talking about it. To see this for yourself, visit Twitter search and type in any word to see what people are saying about it right now. Check out the topics that are most interesting to all of Twitter in the trends section of the sidebar.

After reading above, I have a clearer understanding. If you decide to twitter, you probably will only want to follow people that have the same business and/or personal interests as you. If someone tweets you and wants to follow, you do not have to accept them.

Hope this helps those of you that were also wondering about Twitter. For more information, visit www.twitter.com.

Coupons For Coffee Lovers


Harris Teeter Triples

Just a reminder that triples started today at Harris Teeter.

I know more than a few people that will be worn out by next Tuesday. Remember you can only use 20 coupons per day. Review the posted coupon policy.

Publix - Free Antibiotics

My brother had surgery on Monday and was given a prescription for an antibiotic. Today, his daughter and I decided to test out the Publix Pharmacy free antibiotics program. We took the prescription to Publix and opted for the generic brand and received the prescription for FREE.

Click here if you missed the previous post on the list of free antibiotics at Publix.

Scheduled Maintenance

Blogger will be unavailable Wednesday (3/25) at 4:00PM PDT for about 10 minutes for maintenance.

Generic vs. Brand

The Morning Show (WJXT out of Jacksonville) recently did a segment on Generic vs. Brand in the grocery store. The lady they interviewed does not cut coupons but she is able to save on her grocery bill just by purchasing store brands only.

The reporter did a price comparison on a few items. Below is one example of store brand versus brand. In all cases the store brand was the best deal.

Salad Dressing
Winn Dixie Brand $1.99 (this is the price the lady paid)
Kraft Brand $2.99

That was a good deal but not a great deal. Because I use a coupon system, many times I have gotten the Kraft brand for $1.00, $.50 and even for free. It depends if it is on sale as a "buy one get one free", a 2 for $4, if the store doubles coupons, the coupon value, etc.

I tell people all the time that there are different levels of savings. If you want to cut your grocery bill but do not want to clip coupons, you should buy generic, visit Family Dollar and Dollar General for household cleaning products and/or purchase your groceries at the larger discount stores -- BUT for maximum savings you should use the coupon system.

I applaud this lady's savings and I am sure it helps take the pressure off of her household budget. I am not saying I won't ever buy a store brand because some are very good quality, but in most cases with the system I use, it is cheaper for me to buy brand name products.

Dove Hair Therapy System Line - Get Your FREE Sample

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Grocery Store Tip

I think the following might apply to several grocery store chains but I know that it is true at Harris Teeter stores. It seems to me someone at Publix confirmed this also.

When you see items on sale that end in 4, i.e $1.94, $2.64, etc. -- these are items on the way out the door. Some may be discontinued or the manufacturer may be changing labeling/packaging and some of the products maybe be expiring soon. I have seen some really good mark downs and when used in conjunction with a coupon, you can snag a really good deal.

I am not talking just about food items either - one day take a walk around the store and look at all the mark downs. Once these items get low enough, they usually go in a buggy at the front of the store as clearance. These items are not advertised -- this is something you will have find on your own.

Maybe this applies to Target as well. I will have to take notice!

Milk Magazine - Free Subscription

Get a FREE One Year Subscription to Milk Magazine here.

Milk Magazine is an urban music magazine featuring R&B and Hip-Hop news, artist interviews, music commentaries, and much more. Simply fill out form provided for your FREE one year subscription to Milk magazine.


Organic E-Coupons

Be healthier, greener and save money on your grocery bills with just a click here when you use Mambo Sprouts E-Coupons. Download 'free' printable coupons for savings on your favorite healthy and natural products, including organic food and beauty products, healthy kid's snacks and more!

Coupon Offers Highlights

Bob Evans Sausage

All Small and Mighty Liquid Laundry Detergent

Rice Dream Frozen Desserts

Fiber Gummies by Pedia-Lax Daily Fiber Supplement for Kids

Still Available:

Del Monte

Halls Cough Drops

Land O Lakes

Get 3 Disney Movies for $1.99 Each

Get 3 Disney Movies for $1.99 Each

Okay, this just sounds too good to be true. I found this deal. I have not tried it as my daughter is a little too old and may not appreciate it. Click here and select your Disney movies. You have to pay shipping.

If you sign up, please share exactly what you paid so others can decide if this is one of those "too good to be true" offers. It may be similar to the book clubs I used to join by mail --"Get three free and purchase four more over the next three years."


All You Magazine

I have been waiting for a month to receive All You. This is probably the only magazine I will pay for since I get so many for FREE. However, this one is worth the purchase because it is loaded with coupons. The only place to purchase the magazine is Walmart. I know several of you ordered All You about the same time – please let me know if yours has arrived in the mail. Maybe I filled out the form incorrectly.

Below are just a FEW of the coupons in the April issue.

GE Energy Smart (I wish I had these last week – bulbs would have been free)

Hopefully, All You will arrive in the next week or I may just have to bite the bullet and go to Walmart and pick up the April issue.

Check out the All You blog here. There are some money saving tips you will want to read!

6 PM

6PM is an online source for shoes, apparel, and accessories. Find great deals on all of your fashion needs. From shoes & accessories for an evening out, or gear for jogging.

You may want to check out the sale this weekend on Nine West shoes.

Click here to check out 6PM.

Sunday Paper

Look for SS only this week.

Of course, last week PG was not scheduled but I did receive one -- so sometimes we do get surprises in the paper.

Roots of Nature Remedies

Roots of Nature Remedies Free sample. Sign up here .

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Free To You and Me - Prilosec Sample

Prilosec OTC - Register here and receive a free sample of Prilosec OTC.

General Mills Offers

Eat Better America

Click here to receive General Mills newsletters and receive a Free booklet packed with $10 in coupon savings, helpful tips and favorite healthful recipes!

Box Tops for Education

Click here to earn money for your school through the Box Tops for Education program.

Note: Often times when I am doing grocery match-ups, I may mention home mailer. I am referring to the coupon offers or booklets that you may have signed up for and received in mail.

Free Mine Magazine - Free Print or Digital

I saw the Mine Magazine advertised a few days ago but was hesitant to post as I had not ordered it. I recently received an email from a friend that she had received the first of her five FREE copies.

The offer is for five FREE issues of Mine Magazine customized and based on your magazine picks. You select from an assortment of magazines such as Travel and Leisure, Food and Wine and several others. Each issue will include stories tailored to your interests.

Quantities are limited to the first 31,000 for print subscribers and 200,000 for the digital version. Since I have so many other free magazines already coming in the mail, I opted for digital. Better hurry, this offer will probably go fast.

It took about 30 seconds to fill out 4 random silly questions.

Thanks Melanie for the tip.


Publix Weekly Deals: 3/18 - 3/24

Publix Weekly Deals for the week of 3/18 - 3/24 has been posted by Lissa, over at Saving Your Cents. Click here to check out Lissa's list.

Thanks Lissa.

Quaker True Delights

Click here to get your FREE sample of Quaker True Delights. I received a sample the other day and it had a coupon in it. The item was on sale and I used the coupon. Cost was $1.00.

Thanks, Susan - I did not know the offer was still out there. Keep me posted if you see other offers.

National Gold Buyers

Sign up with National Gold Buyers to get rid of old or unwanted jewelry? This is where you can turn your old or unwanted gold into cash. Click here to request your Free Kit today.


Home Depot - Free Do-It-Herself Workshop

Home Depot - Free Do-It-Herself Workshop

Join Home Improver Club here! Gain access to exclusive savings, workshop schedules and registration, project know-how and inspiration, special alerts on newly lower priced products, sneak peeks at new products, and more!


Today's Highlights On Saving Money and Cutting Costs

It seems like every time you turn on the television, read the paper or turn on the radio there is someone telling you how to stretch a dollar and cut costs. More and more people are tuning in and listening. See today's highlights:

Coupon Mom was on CNN this morning. Click here to view live report. She presented $116 or $160 (not clear on feed) worth of groceries she had recently purchased for her family that she paid $3 for or basically got for free. She did this by shopping the sales and matching coupons as well as participating in rebates. She talks about a new report that came out last week. Only one percent ($300 Billion) of coupons are redeemed each year. If you have any interest in learning how to cut your grocery bill, I encourage you to watch this segment.

Melanie Lawson, with News4Jax, did a segment on restaurants that offer free meals for kids. Click here to view list. Click here to see Melanie's live report.

Click here for an article about "Tips For Easing Your Money Worries." This article was posted a couple of weeks ago on CNN.

American Baby Magazine - 6 Free Issues

6 Issue FREE Subscription.

Click here to receive American Baby. This magazine is loaded with vital parenting information from the experts. Please allow six to eight weeks for the first issue of American Baby to arrive.

Travel, Italy -- Check Out This Contest To Win A Fabulous Trip To Italy

It is travel time and soon I will be combing the streets of Italy for some great deals. I can never get enough of Italy -- the people, the food, the wine, the rolling Tuscan hills, and especially the markets and shopping. I have been quite fortunate in my life to travel to some wonderful countries but Italy is always at the top of my list. One day soon, in another post, I will share with you how we have taken some wonderful trips without breaking the bank.

I will be departing in two weeks and plan to take some great pictures and share with you some of my stories - especially if I find some really good deals. I always make sure I visit the Fontana di Trevi before leaving Rome. Legend says that if you toss a coin into the fountain with your right hand over your right shoulder, you will one day return to the eternal city. So far it has worked like a charm!

One of the activities scheduled on the tour that I am going on is an afternoon/evening at a cooking school as well as lunch at a Tuscan farm house. There are many things planned and I will be busy and moving fast, so I may not have time to stop by an internet café to make posts but will catch up when I get back.

For those of you that would like a little taste of Italy, visit 5 Minutes for Mom. Over the next four weeks, 5 Minutes for Mom is joining Olive Garden in an exciting project and will be sharing cooking techniques, recipes and lots more with their readers. Check out their site here for all the details. I am sure there will be some great recipes and I can’t wait to try a few myself.

Most important, they are giving away a lot of prizes and you must check this out -- Olive Garden is giving away a Trip for Two to Italy. The winner will receive an 8-day guided trip for two to Rome and Florence with a visit to Olive Garden’s Culinary Institute of Tuscany. Click here and you will be taken to 5 Minutes For Mom's website where you can enter. I believe you can enter every day.

Good Luck!

Coupons Highlighted Today

Here are a few coupons highlighted today.

Click here to save at least 75 cents on any single bag (20 ct or larger) of Halls cough drops.

Click here to save 35 cents on any All or Surf Laundry Detergent.

Click here to save at least 45 cents on All small and mighty Liquid Laundry Detergent.

Click here to save $1 on any two packages of Birds Eye Voila.

Click here for Just for Men® TOUCH OF GRAY - I did not sign up for this coupon but for some reason it came in the mail the other day. The value is up to $9.50. This is not something my husband would use, but I will share the coupon with someone else.

Michael's 50% Off Coupon

If you missed the coupon in your recent paper, click here to print a 50% off coupon on any one regular priced item. Expires Saturday, March 21.

Sue Bee Honey Irish Pot Roast

Click here to try Sue Bee Honey's recipe for Irish Pot Roast.

We try not to use refined sugar and I don't buy it often except for when my daughter gets in a baking mood. I really prefer honey. Honey is expensive so you may want to click here and join the Sue Bee Honey Club to receive valuable coupons, recipes, special discounts, etc. I purchased three bottles of Sue Bee Honey that sell for approximately $5.00 a bottle at my grocer. I used my coupons in conjunction with a sale and got the honey for $1.50 a bottle. Sign up and Sue Bee will email you when they have coupons available.

Tackle it Tuesday - Organizing Coupon Flyers

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I recently joined a "Tackle it Tuesday" group over at 5MinutesforMom.com. Every week, bloggers make posts, share ideas on getting organized or special projects. I wanted to share this with those that have taken one of my classes as well as others who may be trying to organize.

Each one of us has to find our own organizational system that makes couponing simple and fast. I have changed my system a couple of times over the last six months but I think I have finally fine tuned it to where I can pull coupons rather quickly. What works for me, may not work for you. I urge you to try several methods until you get organized. If you are not organized, you will waste a lot of time and also grow frustrated.

Some couponers elect to cut all the coupons out in advance and store in a notebook system. For me, this is too much work and requires more cutting. I prefer to keep flyers intact and cut as I need the coupon. I hope this helps you get organized!

Because I buy more than one paper for stockpiling purposes, I have quite a few of the same flyer.

Spread out like coupon flyers -- i.e. Smart Source in picture below.

Pull like pages as seen in picture below. Do this for the entire flyer. This is also a good time to go ahead and trash all the advertisments and get rid of the clutter. When finished, you should have just one flyer for Smart Source for that week.

Make sure Sunday date is marked on top of flyer for future reference. Now, when I get a grocery match-up for Duracell batteries 3/15 SS, I can go direct to the corresponding flyer and have all the like coupons organized and ready to cut. Quck and Easy!


Eat Better America

Sign up to receive General Mills newsletters and receive a FREE* booklet packed with $10 in coupon savings, helpful tips and favorite healthful recipes!


Mineral make-up has been around for years and years, however, I only just discovered it about six months ago. I absolutely love it!

There are several different brands to choose from and I have not tried bareMinerals. Presently, I have a drawer full of other brands. I think I thought I had discovered something so amazing they were going to quit making it.

Dell, a friend, wanted to share this post with you. She just ordered the 10-day trial. Click here to get a FREE 10-day trial of bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation and Brush and see if you like it. This is a special limited-time offer. ($3.95 for shipping)

Thanks Dell.

Forbes Magazine – Free 1 Year Subscription

To get your Forbes one year subscription, click here to complete a 10 question survey about your favorite MP3 player.

Each outstanding issue of Forbes features key insights on anticipating major trends, analyzing successful business strategies and identifying new business opportunities.

Spring Is In the Air

This is the coldest winter I can remember in a while and I am ready to put some color back in my drab and dreary landscape. I am afraid I may have lost my new citrus trees I planted last spring and will be watching for new growth. In the meantime, I can't wait to go the the nursery -- I feel like a kid in a candy store.

Flowers and shrubs are expensive and can add up really fast. Try to find a garden supplier that sells wholesale and retail to the public or scour your local paper for sales. I go to A & B Plants over in Waycross. I am in that area a lot so it is convenient for me. If you are buying mass quantities of plants and you live in the area, it may be worth a trip. A & B has "weekly" specials and will offer wholesale to the public on "select" plants. Even his retail prices are cheaper than anything I have been able to find.

Last year, I bought gorgeous double Impatients in hanging baskets for $10. They were very full and healthy. Most all baskets are $12 this year except for the ferns. Spring and early summer is the best time to go. Once it gets too hot, the plants just don't look as good and struggle to survive in the heat. A & B also has regular and double Knock Out Roses. I just spoke to the owner to see if he had some in stock and he said, "Oh yeah, about 20,000." This is the most indestructible plant I have ever purchased. The bush blooms 9 to 10 months out of the year. They are disease resistant and hardy to cold weather -- at least here in the south. I cut them back again in July so they don't get leggy --they come right back out. I live in Zone 9.

Last year, I paid $25 for a double Knock Out Rose at Lowes and got the same size at A & B for $15.50. This adds up when you are buying multiples. Before taking a ride to Waycross, call and see what's in stock and get a price on plantings. Last year, the Society Garlic would sell out as soon as it came in so it is best to check. Trees are inexpensive also.

Impatients and other baskets: $12

Regular Knockout- $13 (three gallon)
Double Knockout- $15.50 (three gallon) (2 new varieties I have not seen)

Society Garlic and most other perennials: $3.50 (1 gallon size)

Click here to view map.

3522 Albany Avenue
Waycross, GA 31503
(912) 283-7900

Weekdays: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sunday - 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Last year, hours changed after mothers day.



Random photos


CVS: Sneak Peek : 3/15/09-3/21/09

Click here to visit Hot Coupon World for a Sneak Peek at tomorrows CVS ad. Some of these girls are so creative the way they roll ECB's. By the time they put their action plan together on what they are going to roll and get their coupons together, they walk away with a lot of free items and easily get $50 worth of products and maybe only spend $5 OOP -- some spend just pennies. Once the sale starts, there will be posts that may give you some ideas.

Thanks Hot Coupon World!

Whites Premium Dog Food Sample

I think Run Run a.k.a Kiss and Run might like to try this free sample of Whites Premium Dog Food. She is always up for trying something new. Click here to get your free sample of Whites Premium Dog Food now and maybe they will even throw in a coupon. This is a 30 second form.