F Savings With Sadie: Patio Fruit Trees


Patio Fruit Trees

Spring is on us -- even if Old Man Winter refuses to accept it -- and I can't wait to start planting flowers and even a tomato plant or two.

If you have an interest in planting fruit trees, take a look at these patio fruit trees from Stark Bros.  They are small enough to plant in containers and you can bring them in from the cold in the winter.

I live in Zone 9 and have planted grapefruit, lemon and lime trees at our cabin and I finally realize that they are just not ever going to be able to bear fruit.  By the time they get up to a decent size, winter sets in and kills them and then they have to start all over again. However, the fig tree and loquat tree are doing great.

These items are only shipped in the spring and are shipped greenhouse-grown, 6-12 inch plants.  They are approximately $10.99.

Looks like fun!

FYI: I have never ordered from Starks Brothers but was very interested when I found their patio fruit trees and wanted to share the information. So, I can't make a recommendation or confirm the quality.  If you have knowledge of some other sites, please share them in the comments section.

If you need instant gratification, check to see if your local plant nursery has the patio fruit trees in stock  but be ready to pay much more for plants already producing blooms and bearing fruit.

Thanks Budget Smart Girl for the heads up.

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