June 24, 2019
  • 2:55 am Low-Fat Cheesecake – A Guilty Pleasure
  • 7:27 am Recipes To Drink Before Bedtime To Burn Fat
  • 7:40 am Quinoa Could Be A New Edition To Your Diet
  • 7:30 am A New Month Means New Coupons and More Savings
  • 7:26 am Ready To Escape The Cold?

New-to-me food and maybe you too – Quinoa – looks like it is a super food.  I have seen quite a bit about it on TV lately and found this article…

Quinoa: An In-Depth Guide to the Amazing Health Benefits, Uses, and Other Darned Interesting Facts of this Beloved Body Ecology “Grain”

Here is a recipe to try…

Zesty Cilantro Tofu and Quinoa – I think I may leave out the tofu and replace with chicken or something else but I do love anything with cilantro.

Sadie Burton