August 17, 2022
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There are things we do that we aren’t even aware have been slowly inching away at our health. We are not even talking about the whole smoking thing since that’s a whole can of worms that I don’t want to get into. We are talking about simple habits that are actually really bad for us.

We need to fix that right away and adapt our own habits into something much healthier and better.

Skipping breakfast

This slows down your metabolism and hence will make you put on a few pounds. The ability to concentrate without having any protein in you is also pretty much inevitable.

Eat at least two hours after waking up. Anything with whole grain is enough.

Eating your kids’ leftovers

That is one way to put on a few more pounds. Your kids eat the unhealthy and sweet kinds of food, remember that. If you eat what they’re having (doesn’t help that you heap a lot of food into their plates in the first place), you will gain more calories than you’re comfortable with.

DON’T eat the food they have on their plates. Eat what you have on your own.

Excessive alcohol drinking

Drinking wine after a hard day of work is fine and all but if you drink way too much than necessary and especially treat alcohol to quench your thirst (how do you even do that), not only will you gain lots of calories into you, your brain will also deteriorate in the long run if you don’t stop it.

Drink water before drinking alcohol if you’re just looking to get rid of thirst. Like a normal person.

Distracted driving

A lot of angry drivers exist in the world because stress accumulates more than you think when they drive. This is especially worse when they keep checking their emails, call the important people they think they need to call WHILE driving, and so on. You may have to step back from your hectic life and as to how a PTSD retreat Thailand has been offering puts it, reset your body and mind so you can get back control over your life be less angry and anxious. You can take notes from the center’s eight domain approach, wherein domains interrelated brings a balanced lifestyle structure, starting with emotional stability and balance and concluding with mindful awareness.

Don’t overestimate your driving ability, even if you think you’re the calmest and greatest driver in the world. You know a perfect streak doesn’t exist. One way or another you’re going to end up messing up.

Falling asleep on the couch

Who knows that drifting off on the couch so much can slow down your metabolism and messes up your hormones?

Sleep on the bed, my friend. It’s healthier and you won’t have a problem with back pain there.

Coffee with all the extras

Black coffee is fine. It’s healthy and it’s what diet-doing people drinks a lot. But the kinds that has too much cream, milk, sugar and so on is basically making your morning drink a dessert. That’s going to get you fat faster than you think.

Eating too quickly

Our brain takes about 20 minutes to register than our stomach is full. Slow down when eating. If you eat a lot of food way too fast, you’re going to feel so full 20 minutes later and make your stomach hurt. And also gain weight, let’s not forget about that. This is bad habit that not many of us are even aware of.

Sadie Burton