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Update: Sept 2010 – Since making the below post, I have had a chance to try out some of the recipes in the cookbook I ordered and everything I have prepared has been delicious and very healthy. I love this cookbook and I am so anxious to try all of the recipes. I do like to change things around a bit and maybe use cilantro instead of rosemary or a different type of cheese but this is a personal preference and I always improvise when I cook. I enjoyed the book so much that I have since ordered Cooking Light 280 recipes for Week Night Meals and am just as pleased.

Note: Some people will argue that many of the recipes have more than 5 ingredients, well if you count the salt and pepper – in some instances they do but no matter, it has made cooking so much easier for me and that fact does not bother me in the least.

Post below made 8/11/10

A friend of mine recently gave me the heads up on a new book she ordered from Amazon — Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast.  Her sister told her and says she loves it.  The book has five or less ingredients in many recipes.  Click here and scroll down until you get to reviews and check it out – most all are positive and some quite detailed.

I am great at switching out ingredients in my cooking. When it calls for something that is processed or a prepackaged food, I will do my best to substitute it with fresh ingredients.  I don’t mind the few extra minutes it takes to slice an onion or peel a carrot if it means healthier whole ingredients.

I really don’t need one more cook book but this book might just have everything I am looking for — easy, quick and healthy!

Thanks Rita

Sadie Burton