October 6, 2022
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What To Consider When Buying Building Tools & Equipment

As you would already know, it is not possible to carry out home improvements without the essential tools for the job and when you are looking at tools, there are a few things to bear in mind. Tools are designed to be used over and over and with some TLC, your tools should last you a lifetime.

The following factors need to be taken into account when buying building tools and equipment to be used on home improvements.

  • Quality – There’s no substitute for quality where tools and equipment are concerned and most DIY-ers choose the best-known brands, as they are tried and tested. A good tool might cost a little more than average but you can be sure it is always ready to work and if you look after your tools and clean them after each use, they will always be waiting for your next project. There will be the odd occasion where you lose an item, which will make you more determined to replace things after you have used them and let’s not forget lending tools to neighbours, which can lead to losing something.
  • Suitability – It is essential that a tool is designed specifically for what you are doing; accidents occur when people try to make do with tools that are not suited to the work. Prior to ordering from reputable stores, such as from Colchester timber merchants, make sure the tools you are buying have been independently reviewed, this will ensure that your tools are right for the job. If you live outside the UK, finding a good store is now easy through Google search.
  • Affordability – While you do want the top brands, it is possible to get trade prices when you buy from your local builders merchant, plus they will ship the goods to your home address and might even offer free delivery. Trade prices are typically 15-20% lower than the recommended retail price and buying online does not affect your rights as a consumer.
  • Professional Product Reviews – The great thing about the Internet is you can very easily read the independent online reviews of specific tools and equipment. If, for example, a master builder fully endorses a certain brand of circular saw, then you know the unit will stand the test of time. While well-known DIY enthusiasts might be paid to review products, they have their reputation to consider, therefore, they will not endorse inferior products.
  • Prioritise – Rather than simply buying a tool because you figure that one day, you will need it, you are advised to only buy things as and when they are needed. Most handymen gradually acquire their tool kit and over the years, they would amass just about everything they would need to build a house. If you tell family and friends that you would prefer to receive a tool as a gift, this will accelerate your tool acquisition.

The lowest prices for building tools and equipment can be found at your local builders merchant, which is the same venue for any building materials. This means you can single-shop everything you need for your next home improvement project and the supplier will deliver everything to your door, which is usually free.

Harry Carter