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Thailand Motorbike Insurance Tips For Tourists

Motorbike insurance is a requirement if you wish to drive on the roads of Thailand. If you plan to tour around Thailand with your motorcycle, you need to be prepared for unexpected bumps and bruises along the way, which includes having to shell out a hopefully not that huge amount of money.

Motorcycle riding in Thailand is very popular due to the relatively low cost of riding a motorbike. While this may be the case, it does not mean that you should take any unnecessary risks when out on the open road in Thailand. It’s essential to get yourself insured for possible unforeseen expenses that may occur, and in this case, getting motorbike insurance is one of the best financial moves you should be considering.

When it comes to insurance, Thailand’s motorbike riders have a number of options available to them. For those who would like to drive their motorbike for personal reasons, there are motorbike riders who can hire a scooter and travel around on their vacation. These travellers will need to purchase motorcycle insurance coverage in their own countries. They should also make sure that they are familiar with any rules or laws that pertain to their chosen country regarding scooters and motorcycles.

Coverage for a scooter in Thailand varies a great deal from country to country. This is because the vehicle itself has a number of functions that require special attention. Some scooters come equipped with headlights and lamps, but they may still need to be covered with motorcycle insurance in Thailand. While most scooters are easy to repair and not dangerous to ride at all, others are much more complicated and may even require the assistance of a trained mechanic to fix. Those travellers who own scooters that they intend to ride while touring in Thailand should check with their insurance provider to see what types of coverage they need to have in order to protect themselves and their scooters.

If you are travelling in the country of Thailand, whether it is for a one-day vacation or an extended stay as part of a business trip, you will want to have the right amount of Thailand motorbike insurance coverage. A motorbike insurance coverage can protect you from the financial loss that occurs if you are injured in an accident that is your fault. With the right policy coverage, you can be sure that your family members will have everything they need to get you back home safely and without financial difficulty. 

Expect To Have Insurance Coverage Even When Renting

When renting a motorcycle in Thailand, you should expect to have coverage to protect the actual cost of the motorcycle, as well as any roadside assistance coverage you might choose to add. The cost of the motorbike should include rental fees, fuel, registration, and sales tax. Many people prefer to pay a bit more for their own insurance coverage in Thailand, but it is important to know that you are fully protected in the event that you encounter an accident in the country. Roadside assistance coverage can help you out in the event you break down on the side of the road, and there are also many medical coverage plans available for tourists visiting the country. 

There are a number of ways that a person can get specialised coverage for a scooter in Thailand. If the rider rents a motorcycle from a company, coverage for the scooter will almost always be included with the rental agreement. This is one of the easiest ways to get motorcycle insurance coverage for a Thailand motorbike. Most rental companies will have a website that will list what types of services are offered along with what coverage is included in the contract. Individuals who plan on driving a scooter while travelling in Thailand should look into this option and make sure that their coverage will be adequate.


The type of Thailand motorcycle insurance you purchase depends on what you will be using your motorcycle for when you travel to the country. If you plan to use the bike to tour around Thailand and other tourist hot spots, you will likely need to purchase full-coverage insurance. This coverage will cover any damage that your motorcycle may cause in the process of being driven on the roads in Thailand. There is typically a deductible associated with these types of plans, and you will have to pay the rest of the coverage from your own pocket should you need to file a claim. These types of plans usually have great deductibles and do not require yearly medical exams. Your deductible amount will depend on your personal financial situation.

Liability Only

If you plan to take your motorcycle with you on vacations, you may want to consider getting liability only Thailand motorbike insurance plan. This coverage will only cover your own expenses in the event that you cause a crash with your bike while travelling in Thailand. Without this type of coverage, you will be responsible for all medical and vehicle expenses that occur during your trip. Thailand has a pretty good reputation when it comes to medical coverage, so this should not be a problem if you visit the country.

Harry Carter