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Occasionally, dealing with a hidden problem, such as iron deficiency, greatly eases signs and symptoms of agitated legs disorder. Correcting an iron shortage might involve obtaining iron supplementation intravenously or orally. Nevertheless, take iron supplements only with clinical supervision and also after your medical professional has examined your blood-iron level.

If you actually RLS/WED without a linked problem, therapy focuses on the changes of your lifestyle. If those aren’t efficient, your physician may recommend medications.

Lifestyle and home remedies

  • Establish good sleep hygiene

Fatigue often tends to worsen signs of RLS/WED, so it’s important that you exercise some good sleeping habits. Preferably, have a trendy, quiet, comfy sleeping atmosphere; go to bed as well awaken at the same time daily; and get adequate rest.

  • Try baths and massages

Taking warm baths and massaging your legs help the legs themselves to relax more. Try taking a bit of time in the bathroom at night when you take a bath to do this. It’s important that your legs get the rest they needed.

  • Avoid caffeine

Sometimes coffee gives us that added energy and the excess goes into our legs if we don’t use the energy into something. To medicate restless leg syndrome, try to cut back on coffee a bit. See if it helps because maybe coffee has been the reason why your legs have been like that in the beginning.

  • Exercise

Obtaining moderate, normal exercise may eliminate symptoms of RLS/WED, yet exaggerating it or exercising far too late in the day might increase signs and symptoms. The key here is “moderate” so don’t overdo it.

  • Apply warm or cool packs

Alternate between cool or heat packs to lessen some of the sensations in your limbs.

The best advice we could give you here is to avoid any of the bad habit you have picked up along the way because they could be the ones that’s causing the syndrome and may be worsening it. This means no more caffeine, alcohol, smoking and so on. Get a proper night’s rest too. Don’t stay up too late and don’t wake up too late either. Start a healthier habit that helps your body as well as state of mind.

Also, please be reminded that if none of these tips work or if you don’t want to risk it, don’t be afraid to immediately go to your doctor about it. It’s only natural that they would know what to do about this condition since they have spent a child’s entire childhood years studying medicine and also illnesses. Trust them while also changing your bad habits into good ones just to make sure.

Deleting your bad habit will bring forth better health to you in the near future anyway. On that note, if you want something to drink but can’t do so with coffee, opt for tea. It’s healthier and almost has no caffeine.

Sadie Burton