May 22, 2022
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My current cable bill is $241.  We have all the bells and whistles: 450 channel package, sports package (for my hubby), highest internet speed and phone service.

I have been meaning to call and speak to someone in the Retention Department of my service provider for some time now and finally sat down to dedicate what I knew would take 30 – 45 minutes.  I explained to the customer service rep that I was considering cancelling my service and moving it to their competitor because I need to lower my bill.  (Truthfully, I did not want to leave their service — they are so much better than the alternative.) I asked him what he could do for me price-wise without altering my package.  

The rep gave me a couple of options but I kept telling him I did not want to downgrade any of my services. I just want a lower price.  Gotta have my cake and eat too! He put me on hold a couple times to speak with his manager and the final result was that they would lower my phone bill to $180 plus tax if I would consider a 12 month contract.  I told him immediately, “Hey, I have no problem with this deal. I’ll take it.”  I will see approximately a $50 savings per month – $600 a year savings for just one phone call.

This is not the first time I have renegotiated my bills.  If I call and get someone that is not very friendly or service oriented or that does not really care if I leave their company, I just end the call and call back until I get someone that says what I want to hear.  I will mark my calendar for this time next year to call back, ask for the retention department, and renegotiate again.

Anyone can do this.  Everything is negotiable.

Sadie Burton