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Let’s be honest here. It’s way easier to just consume things than to actually exercise and get rid of the fat. So why not just DRINK something to lose some of that weight? I know I would just go for this option, seeing as I’m too lazy to start running(and I have PTSD from when I actually did try, don’t laugh) . Without any further dilly-dallying, let’s try out some delicious drinks that we need to drink before going to bed (or whenever you really want to).

Green Tea, Mint and Lime Detox

It’s really up to you how you mix this according to your taste, as long as these 3 here are present. All ingredients here are the most brutal in terms of burning fat. Green tea in particular can even just do it all on its own without any mix, since Green Tea is known for burring fat. Mint and lime are there to help and make your insides clean as the fat itself dies. Plus, the lime and mint makes the whole drink taste better. Ready one every night and then drink in the morning if you want. Or just mix one in the afternoon and then drink it before sleeping.

Berry Flusher

This not only melts the unwanted fat in you, but also boosts your metabolism. Aside from that, berries are just naturally tasty to consume. Its ingredients contain blueberries, raspberries and cucumber. You can add in strawberries if you want too, I know I would, not going to lie. Prepare this in a clear container and then bring it with you to work or school. The berries in it should keep the drink sweetened all the time so don’t get rid of them.

Cucumber, Lime and Orange

This one’s found in brightside and I couldn’t agree more because I also tried this back then. I hate cucumbers though, however I saw the results and I wasn’t disappointed. Thankfully, the lime and orange made the taste better for me to bear. Cucumbers, like the rest of the ingredients here, are known to have some really beneficial attributes to it so even I can’t deny that, as much as I hate eating the stuff. It’s health and cleanses the system, what else can I say?

Orange, mint and lemon

Another one that tastes great and also boosts your digestive track. What’s best about this is that it has all my 3 favorite flavours combined so this is a win-win situation for me. Prepare this and let the ingredients infuse for more than 15 minutes okay? Lemons are known to have some really amazing benefits that I particularly adore like helping with fevers, boosting the immune system, burning fat, making the skin look so much better and so much more. Oranges are just perfect, I don’t need to say anything else about this because those being my favorite should be enough for you. Mint though? Now I’m just biased at this point. Mint has been my favorite since I was a kid and now that I know that it has great benefits, it only enhances my love for it. And if I get sick of it them I can also try the ones in femnique since they also suggest so much more.

Sadie Burton