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The Various Types Of Scrap Metal To Recycle Or Sell

If you have scrap metals on your property that are becoming an eyesore, it may help you to hold off getting a skip bin and sending those metals to a landfill. You should know that there are different types of scrap metal to recycle and even earn from, and you wouldn’t have to hire and pay someone to get rid of those discarded items for you.

It’s essential to be at least aware of these items, as it would help you identify the ones you could sell to a nearby scrap yard and get much needed cash to help you out with your expenses. Without further ado, here are some of the most common types of scrap metals you can find in scrap yards.


One type of scrap metal to recycle that is commonly received is scrap copper wire. It is one of the most precious types of scrap metal to recycle because of all of the different ways it can end up in a scrap metal container. Not only does it have a high market value, but also because it is so unique and valuable. This means that it is in high demand and that the recyclers that receive this wire want to make sure that they do their part to take care of it.

Copper wire is a metal you should know about in your quest to find different kinds of scrap metal to recycle. It can be recycled for both decorative purposes and as wire. It would be easy to find a Sydney copper recycling center or even a recycler in other locations that would love to take your scrap copper wires. Copper wire is one of those things that is constantly used in electronics. It is frequently found in electrical wiring. This means that in addition to the scrap value being high, the chances of getting some money back for it are high as well.

Aluminium And Stainless Steel

The other two most common types of scrap metal to recycle are scrap aluminium and scrap stainless steel. Aluminium is valuable because it is very light and recyclable. Additionally, it is a form of fuel and has many uses outside of electrical work. It is extremely easy to recycle and can be broken down easily by the process of chemical reduction. Some aluminium can even be sold to companies who make decorations. This makes aluminium one of the best metals for scrap metal to recycle simply because of all of the uses that it serves.

Scrap stainless steel wire is also fairly common and recyclable. Like aluminium, it is recyclable when broken down into smaller compounds that can be further processed into various products. As with aluminium, stainless steel wire is often used as wire for decorations. In this case, it may not always be useful because many people place it in unusual places, such as on key rings, since they are sometimes hard to see. For this reason, they may not want to throw away the wire in this state.


Taking the time to learn more about these different types of scrap metal is well worth it. By being aware of the various types of scrap metal, including the ones discussed here, you can help yourself earn a bit of money through items you would have thrown in a landfill.

While it is true that some metals are useful to some degree, you need to make sure that you are aware of all the metals that you can recycle, so that you are not wasting your time. You may not even be aware of all the scrap metal you have in your home. A search through Google could help.

Harry Carter