October 6, 2022
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This generation is all about staring at screens all the time. Whether it’s through a phone or a laptop, the majority of our time is spent on spending it with technology. We do it because it’s part of our job or because it’s part of our hobby. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. We just do it.

And because of that, our eyes take the beating for it.

How many teenagers and mid-twenties people have you had the pleasure of encountering that are either wearing glasses, contact lenses or just bad with their eyesight? It’s always going to be complains about how they couldn’t see over a particular distance or at a certain lighting, no matter how little. This generation of humans are more inclined to have something clearly wrong with their eyes, majority of which (thankfully) aren’t fatal. Still, it bothers us because our eyes are really important.

A decade or so ago, I myself only really found old people or unfortunate people to be wearing glasses because they have a hard time seeing. Now, you can’t go through a single day without meeting at least five or more people that have a problem with their eyes. They wear glasses to stop it and some wear contacts. It’s all the same.

We need to take better care of our eyes. It’s important and integral. You wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things if you somehow lost the ability to see properly. And they would hurt too, even if your eyes were perfectly healthy, if you spent the night looking at your phone. I’ve done that every night for the past ten years and while I don’t regret it, my eyes still have taken the toll.

Left part has minor astigmatism while the right one is near-sighted. It hurts sometimes too, especially when I have this obsession for reading fanfiction every single night until I’m too exhausted to read anymore.

Tips to make them hurt less

  • Flush your eyes out with eyewash
  • Use eye drops
  • REST YOUR EYES (you fiends)
  • Use a compress
  • Take off your contacts once in a while
  • Contact your doctor

Take note of these tips. They should be pretty easy to understand, right? Especially the 3rd and the last one. The 3rd one is really something we forget to do because of our obsession with our phones. Social media can do that to us, you know? We basically can do about almost anything because of the internet and our eyes suffer for it. It makes sense.

The last one is the most important though. You can’t just rely on these tips and some remedies all the time, no matter what your stubborn old-fashioned dad says. Doctors have been evolving and improving their knowledge too. You can’t just beat years and years of studying and training with some remedy that you either just got form the internet or heard from your older relatives.

Sadie Burton