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Tips To Avoid Scammers When Buying Gemstones

Whenever you are looking to make an investment of any kind, it should be an informed decision and unless you happen to be a gem expert. There is an element of risk when you buy gemstones of any kind. What might look stunningly beautiful could be glass or another material and with that in mind, here are a few tips to help you avoid scammers when looking to acquire genuine gemstones.

Avoid buying gemstones if you are approached

This should be a golden rule, as reputable gemstone dealers never make the approach to the client, it is always the other way round. If you are looking to acquire high grade loose diamonds with a view to creating a diamond engagement ring, talk to a leading custom jeweller, who can acquire loose, uncut stones from an authorised gem dealer. A single shop solution means you don’t have to deal with multiple people and the custom jeweller can create the perfect piece.

It’s all about certification

Every precious stone should come with a recognised certificate from a known organisation like the Gem Institute of America (GIA), where the stone is graded using the 4C methodology. The grading only happens when the gemstone has been cut (cut is one of the 4 categories to determine the qualities of the stone) and the custom jeweller would handle certification. No certification should equal no sale!

Do your research

You can’t buy gemstones from just anyone. You need to do your homework on the supplier to check their credibility. Simply put, an established gem dealer is not going to rip a customer off for the sake of a few extra dollars, it wouldn’t be worth it. If a website offers loose garnets for sale, for example, read the contents of their website to ensure they are legit. A good jeweller always makes sure they’re not sacrificing quality with the garnet gemstone price they offer.

Avoid low price offers

The saying, ‘if it seems too good to be true, it probably is’ has some bearing when buying loose precious stones. Genuine precious stones hold their price and within a certain range, the price of a certified diamond should be very similar. Unusually low prices should be an alarm call, regardless of the stones and this should be a guideline for stone acquisition.

Insist on a physical viewing

Buying gemstones online is only acceptable when you know that the supplier is established, or you have had previous dealings. Sending the money in advance really does put you out there and is only advised when you are sure on the integrity of the gemstone dealer.

Learn about gemstones

There are many free resources online to educate you about diamonds and other precious stones and the more you know, the less chance of being scammed.

Like any other valuable asset, precious stones are recognised by an authentic certificate that is issued by an approved body. If you are planning to design and create a unique piece of jewellery, the custom jeweller can acquire loose stone at trade prices, which will save you quite a lot of money.

Harry Carter