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It’s really hard to stay healthy, what with the world so full of tempting food that are so delicious but will eventually kill you on the inside and clog up your system. I’m talking about the usual sugar, oil and flour that we eat every day. You might not even notice it anymore since we have been eating them all the time, but they are almost in every food or drink you consume.

If you plan on losing weight and staying healthy, try adding flax seeds to your meal every day.


It contains so many nutrients

We are talking about the good ones that help you improve your daily function. Also, it helps moves things along inside your body. Not to mention the amount of fibre this thing packs. It keeps you satiated and full longer so you wouldn’t be tempted to eat anything else after meals, which is important since snacking in between meals is what makes you fat.

In can help reduce cancer

This is mostly due to the fact that flax seeds have so much Lignans. Lignans are basically plant compounds that are filled with estrogen properties and antioxidants, which actually lower the risk of cancer. Plus, it improves your health.

Lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure

People struggling with both of these can take advantage of flax seeds. If consumed daily, from 1 to 3 tablespoons a day at least for a couple of months (around three months), the total cholesterol lowers a significant amount. As long as you try your hardest not to get sick of eat flax seeds, you will be healthier. Also, be more creative in how you eat them. Pour a tablespoon on your drink or meal every meal. Remember that you are not supposed to eat flax seeds if raw, not grounded and unripe.

High-quality protein

Protein helps you get that much-needed energy to get through the day. We all know how much we adults need that energy so much. If you are on a strict diet and worried that you aren’t getting enough protein from cutting off too much meat, flax seeds are your best bet. It gives you the high-quality stuff that improves health and cuts on your weight. Just be prepared to poop all the time with all that fibre in your body.

It helps control sugar levels

Diabetes is one of the worse illnesses out there. We lose family members from it and really unexpectedly too. If you are worried about some family members who can’t seem to control their taste for anything sweet and oily, be sneaky and pour flax seeds to their food and drink. It battles the sugar they have in their body and helps them poop all that junk out.

Sadie Burton